Kriya Yoga background information

Yoga means unity.
By perfect concentration of the mind ( means absence of any thought), this unity is created by the merging of the individual consciousness with the Highest Awareness.

The name Kriya Yoga comes from the Sanskrit verbs Kri and Ya.
Kri means : All activities, all actions.
Ya means : The source of all activities.
Thus, Kriya means the remembrance of the inner invisible Self, Soul, as the real performer, the real doer of all the actions.

Spirituality is the essence of the creation. It is the innermost center in the heart of all religions and faiths in which the Creator discloses Himself.
Yoga in general and Kriya Yoga in particular, is the art and science of spirituality.
Through the practice of meditation men breaks through the limits of material existence and realizes his unity with the universal Highest Self.

To get to the Soul, that is the purpose of Kriya Yoga.
Meditation is the practice of the presence of God / supreme Spirit.
Kriya Yoga is the highest form of the practice of the presence of God / supreme Spirit.
It is about how the Soul descended in the body and how to take it back to the spine and the brain beyond the confines of the body into the vast infinite.
Spine and brain are the altars of God / supreme Spirit. That’s where the electricity of God / supreme Spirit flows down into the nervoussystem into the the world and as such the senses ( smell, touch, see, hear, etc.) are turned outwards. But if you reverse the energy through Kriya Yoga and be concentrated in the spine and brain, you will behold the Creator.
To master the senses bring the immortal strength within. You will be able to recognize the great power of the infinite sphere of spirit which lies a little behind your heart.

Kriya Yoga is the key to Self- Realisation.
The Guru’s help and guidance is essential ( Charcoal doesn’t burn by itself, but when fire enters it all become red and glowing…).
Yoga means scientific union with God / supreme Spirit. It is not the privilige of Christ and a few Masters to go there. All waves are from the same ocean ! No matter what your personal situation is, God / supreme Spirit is with you ! Seek Him, find Him. Help Him to pull you and make you as He is.

Kriya Yoga is based on scientific breathing techniques and involves learning to control simultaneously breathing energy and thought power which enables the practitioner to overcome the restlessness of the mind, gives power of concentration and enables to go gradually beyond the limitations and complications of the biological self ( which is the source of all stress, sufferings, restlessness and irritability). To go beyond thoughts.
Through regular, continuous daily exercise, Kriya Yoga gives the power of intuition which finally leads to the experience of pure consciousness and Self-Realisation (= oneness) with the Supreme Self, God.

The ancient Indian masters of the Veda’s realized that unending, continuous happiness is the goal of creation and all created beings.
To acquire that absolute happiness, we need to realize our Oneness with the Creator, who is the source of all happiness and absolute Bliss, GOD / supreme Spirit.

In addition to peace and happiness, Kriya Yoga gives a strong and vigorous health, efficiency in work, power of decision making, a sense of universal love and harmony with fellow human beings and the whole creation.

Kriya Yoga involves easy to learn scientific physical exercises, breathing and meditation techniques. It is suitable for young as well as older people and easy to integrate in daily life.

The technique is a holy technique, which is transmitted oraly from teacher to the person who sincerely wants to learn Kriya Yoga. Personal initiation in the techniques is required.

For more information about the lineage of this spiritual tradition and Mahaswami Paramahansa Atmananda, the Guru ( spiritual teacher, means literally “dispeller of ignorance”) of Kriya Yoga Nederland see : “The Kriya Yoga Masters”.

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